Thumbies & Capture Beads

Thumbies & Capture Beads


Rafferty Funeral Home offers a perfect way to memorialize your loved one with Thumbies. Thumbies are the ideal keepsake for the people you love and the times you want to remember in a three dimensional charm. Thumb prints can be used from a variety of sources, such as birth records, military papers, school projects, firearm registraton, employment cards, etc.

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For more information, Thumbie cost or to order a Thumbie please contact Rafferty Funeral Home at (309) 797-1900.

Capture Beads

So many important events in life are accompanied by beautiful flowers. Flower petals are dried, processed and mixed with a special ingredient allowing the beads to be durable and water-resistant when cured.

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For more information, Capture Bead cost (shipping/handling and tax) or to order a Capture Bead please contact Rafferty Funeral Home at (309) 797-1900.

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