Transfer Arrangements

Transfer Arrangements

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Why pre-arrange a funeral?

Planning a funeral, especially at the time of need, can be an emotional and daunting task. More than 100 decisions must be made in funeral planning, sometimes in just a matter of hours following the death of a loved one. To ease the burden on family and to ensure final wishes are honored, the best thing to do is plan ahead and make these decisions in a calm, clear setting. Pre-arranging a funeral is something you do not only for yourself, but for the people you love more than anything else in the world. Click here for a complete list of decisions when planning a funeral.

Benefits of funeral pre-arrangement

The benefits of funeral pre-planning range from logistical, to emotional to financial.

Logistically, a significant amount of personal data and coordination is required in funeral planning. Will loved ones know the maiden name of the deceased's mother, or the parents' places of birth? Will they know the dates and locations related to education or military service? What about locations and amounts of life insurance policies? Pre-planning ensures personal data is organized and documented, negating the need for loved ones to track information down following a loved one's death.

Emotionally, pre-arranging a funeral removes the burden of decision-making from grieving loved ones. Should it be a traditional burial or cremation? Who will be pallbearers? To whom should memorial donations be designated? Which casket is preferred? What hymns will be sung? Pre-planning gives loved ones the gift of certainty that the deceased's final wishes are fulfilled.

Financially, if you choose to pre-pay as well as pre-plan your funeral, you lock in funeral costs at today's prices, even though these funds may not be accessed for years or decades to come. With funeral costs rising at approximately 3 percent each year, the financial benefit of pre-planning and pre-paying can be quite significant.

Can I transfer my pre-arranged funeral from one funeral home to another?

Absolutely, you may transfer your pre-arrangement to another funeral home at any time. Many people who enter into a prepaid funeral contract do not fully understand what their transferability rights are. Plans can be transferred either before or after death occurs. Most of the laws in Illinois governing prepaid funeral contracts purchased through a funeral home are designed to protect you the consumer. Rafferty Funeral Home accepts all pre-need transfers without any additional cost to you.

For your protection, any funds used to purchase your prepaid funeral were placed in the hands of a third party where they remain until you cancel the contract or the contract is fulfilled. You retain ownership, and therefore control of the funds at all times up to the point where a licensed funeral home actually performs the contracted services. And even then the funds can only be released to the funeral home that actually performed the funeral services.

A contract can be easily transferred before a death or even after a death occurs. Simply contact Rafferty Funeral Home at (309) 797-190 and we will be able to assist you. In order to transfer the contract, all that needs to be done is to notify the third party holding the funds who the new funeral home will be. We make this process as simple as possible for you, personally handling all documentation and delivering it to your home for signing. In most cases the money never actually moves, only the funeral home designation changes.

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